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Business Communications and Internet Security Solutions

The Tri-Net Server Solution

Designed to meet the communication and security needs of the business and educational communities, the Tri-Net server solution provides simultaneous access to Internet services for the computers on your internal network and acts as a firewall to prevent unauthorized access.  The Tri-Net server solution is built upon state-of-the-art Linux technology.

Features include the management of domain based email; web site services and monitoring; and the capability to implement a virtual private network (VPN) allowing secure remote access. In addition to these features, the Tri-Net Server can be tailored to meet customer  requirements.

The system supports a full range of high speed communications via ISDN, cable, ADSL, wireless or leased line. Tri-Net Server provides a comprehensive solution that can bring the power of the Internet to your organization at a reasonable cost, with a minimum of administrative and technical overhead.


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