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Network Requirements

To take full advantage of these Tri-Net features the server should be permanently connected to the Internet. The server supports the following permanent communication connections:

  • full time leased line with a router;
  • cable service with a modem;
  • DSL line with a modem;
  • permanent or auto dial ISDN line with a modem;
  • wireless

In addition, your communications provider, either a telephone or cable company, or an Internet Service Provider, must provide an IP address for the Tri-Net server. A static IP address is preferable. In some cases, IP addresses may come from a DHCP server. Because the IP address in this case may be subject to change, some limitations on the capabilities of the Tri-Lan server may be encountered. For the Tri-Net server to function as an e-mail or web server, DNS services must be provided for the IP address. These services can be provided by Tri-Lan or any communications service provider.

Computers on the internal network must be connected via ethernet cabling either to a standard network hub or with coaxial cable and must be able to communicate using the TCP/IP protocol.


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